I enjoy spending my evenings reading, playing games and watching films.

I've been coding websites ever since I got my first internet-enabled computer in 1998. I taught myself to code using library books, and started out by hand-coding HTML in textpad.

I love making pretty and useful things that people can enjoy; whether it be websites, photographs or FIMO models.


Angel on Xbox

"Madness I tell you?! #SummertimeMadness #PromoGame (@DPGamesInc @Pinkerator)" I'm now live playing Summertime Madn… https://t.co/BongCwAkN2

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"Please don't break my brain today! Co-stream puzzling with @JesseRyanHill #RTDL #Relicta (@MightyPolygonhttps://t.co/sTMPYUBARd

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